Understanding Net Effective Rent

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One of the common issues with negotiating a commercial real estate lease is balancing the perspectives of both the tenant and the landlord. Understanding net effective rent and how it relates to each party in the transaction can help build a foundation for coming to a reasonable compromise on lease terms. What Does “Net Effective… Continue reading Understanding Net Effective Rent

Are you ready for your NNN reconciliation?

If your business has a triple net (NNN) lease, you will receive a reconciliation letter from your landlord usually by the end of the first quarter after the calendar year ends. The purpose of this letter is to reconcile the estimated monthly payments made during the prior year with the actual expenses incurred for common… Continue reading Are you ready for your NNN reconciliation?

It’s Been a Year Already?

The adage “time flies when you’re having fun” is certainly true – this week we celebrate one year of being in business, and the time has sure flown by! Cheers to our incredible clients, colleagues, family, and friends who made it possible for Guiderock Commercial Realty LLC to achieve this milestone. In honor of the… Continue reading It’s Been a Year Already?

The Lease Is Signed… Now What?

Administering a lease can be very stressful to a new tenant. Fortunately, we can share some key items that should be standard practice and that will keep your new commercial lease running smoothly. Renewal Reminders Renewal reminders are great for both the tenant and landlord because they remind both parties they’ll need to make a… Continue reading The Lease Is Signed… Now What?

Before Signing Your Lease, Do Your Due Diligence

Leasing a commercial property isn’t as easy as finding a property that fits your square footage needs. Even though that may be step one, you still have to negotiate your lease. Leasing due diligence is when the prospective tenant evaluates and analyzes the commercial property to ensure the value is worth the cost. This also… Continue reading Before Signing Your Lease, Do Your Due Diligence

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Charges

Aside from the base rent, common area maintenance (CAM) charges are some of the largest additional leasing costs that tenants may see. Here, we give an overview of what CAM charges are and ways to manage them. What are Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Charges? In a triple net (NNN) lease, tenants are billed CAM charges… Continue reading Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Charges